What Are Epoxy Composites?


Epoxy composites are a type of polymer material that uses an epoxy resin to create a polymer matrix  which is reinforced with fibers or other fillers. This allows for the fabrication of long-lasting parts with very high strength-to-weight ratios. The low densities of epoxy composites compared to metals also offers substantial fuel savings in aerospace and automotive applications. Compared to traditional materials of construction—metal, concrete, wood, etc.—epoxy-based polymer composites are more resistant to deterioration from [...]

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Solutions for Epoxy Resin Supply Disruptions


Increasing demand and supply chain challenges are causing shortages of epoxy resins. Demand is being driven by large sectors of the global economy opening after COVID-19 shutdowns. Prices are escalating and ongoing disruptions are taking their toll on downstream manufacturers. The issues do not look like they will be totally resolved within the next few months. For high-Tg products such as composites, adhesives, coating powders and the like, dianhydrides such as BTDA may offer a [...]

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What is an Epoxy?


An epoxy is a thermosetting polymer that possesses unique mechanical and resistance properties. The term epoxy can be used for the cured end product or any of the basic components within epoxy resins. An epoxy resin is a class of thermoset polymer made from a monomer that contains at least two epoxide groups. Epoxy resins can be homopolymerized or cross-linked into a three dimensional network using curatives. A broad assortment of curatives are available for [...]

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