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As building blocks for polyimide resins, dianhydrides support innovation in some of the most advanced technologies for consumer, commercial and defense industry applications.

Lives are made better, safer, and easier because of:

  • Flexible printed circuitry and foldable displays for smart devices
  • Composite components for automotive and aviation
  • Thermal & acoustic insulation for aircraft and marine vessels
  • Bushings and bearings for industrial equipment
  • Filters and membranes for separation technology
  • Coatings and tubing for medical devices
  • Radiation shielding for spacecraft

Polyimide matrix resins are stable enough for continuous service in high-temperature environments above 350°C. In thin films, they offer sustained dielectric performance, allowing for densely packed electrical circuitry to function reliably in smartphones, tablets and wearables. The latest generations are transparent and colorless, enabling the newest foldable display technology.

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