Epoxy high temperature adhesives

for structural or electrical applications can be formulated using several types of curatives, such as amines, dicyandiamides, dianhydrides, dihydrazides etc.

Dianhydride cured epoxy adhesives will maintain physical strength, chemical resistance and dielectric properties in high-temperature environments. In addition, dianhydrides require very simple epoxy resins for many demanding applications. For these reasons, dianhydride cured epoxy adhesives have a long track record of success in aerospace and electronics adhesives.

Common applications:

  • Aerospace adhesives
  • Electronics adhesives

Why should I choose dianhydrides?

  • Optimal performance from simple DGEBA resins
  • Long pot life formulations
  • Combined high Tg and adhesion
  • Retained structural strength at high temperatures
  • Retained electrical and chemical resistance at high temperatures


  • Dianhydrides are typically supplied as a powder.  Micronized grades or dispersions enable mixing with liquid epoxy resins.
  • Mild heating up to 40-50 C can also help with the dispersion process.


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