Polyimide-carbon fiber composites

These are the preferred design materials for structural components found in today’s airframe and propulsion systems for aerospace vehicles

Composites are also prevalent in high-performance automotive racing, with a slow but steady technology transfer to commercial vehicle components.

Composites offer both lightweighting and thermal resistance, with service temperatures of 400°C to 500°C.  Polyimide matrix resins are formulated for property as well as process considerations. Fabrication requires attention to melt processability, dictated by the selection of diamine, dianhydride and other reactive ingredients.

Common applications:

  • Aerospace structural components
  • Automotive underhood components
  • Industrial bushings

Why should I choose polyimide composites?

  • High Tg
  • Retained structural strength at high temperatures
  • Retained oxidative stability


  • Dianhydrides must be matched to the corresponding diamines for optimal properties of the polyimide.


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