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Epoxy coating powders

Sometimes known as powder coatings or fusion-bonded epoxies (FBE), these can be formulated using several different curatives including dianhydrides, phenolics or dicyandiamides.

Curing powder coatings with dianhydrides offers superior strength, chemical resistance and dielectric properties in high-heat applications, from automotive and aerospace to pipe coatings for oil and gas transport.

Dianhydrides curatives can enable simple DGEBA resins to achieve superior chemical, dielectric and physical performance, especially in high temperature environments. Dianhydrides are typically a powder, making it easy to incorporate into a dry system. Curing epoxy coating powder formulations with dianhydrides works well whether the coating is formulated for electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) or a fluidized bed process.

Common applications:

  • Passive electronic components
  • Semiconductors
  • Electric motor components
  • Industrial pipeline coatings

Why should I choose dianhydrides?

  • Optimal performance from simple DGEBA resins
  • Long pot life formulations
  • Combined high Tg and adhesion
  • Retained physical integrity at high temperatures
  • Retained electrical and chemical resistance at high temperatures


  • The extrusion/milling process should be carefully controlled to ensure optimal distribution of curative particles


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