Crosslinking refers to the interconnecting or bridging of two chemical compounds, and a crosslinker is the molecule that is used to make this interconnection. Crosslinkers can be used for all types of polymeric materials, with the identification of the crosslinker being dependent on the application requirements.

Polymer crosslinking is accomplished via a wide variety of chemical reactions under an equally wide array of conditions. Catalysts can also be used in this process to accelerate the chemical reaction.

Typical polymers that benefit from crosslinkers include thermoset plastics such as epoxies, vinyl resins and elastomers; and, in some cases, thermoplastics such as polyolefins and nylons.

Two novel crosslinkers available from JAYHAWK are 2-Allylphenol and Diallyl Bisphenol A.

2-ALP (2-Allylphenol)

2-ALP (2-Allylphenol) has the chemical formula of C9H10O and can also be referred to as o-Allyl Phenol. This crosslinker has a molecular weight of 134.18 g/mol and is a colorless to yellow, mobile liquid. It has a specific gravity of 1.02 at 20oC and a boiling point of 220oC under ambient conditionsm. 2-ALP is a bifunctional crosslinker, owing to its hydroxy and allyl functionality, and is well-suited for creating hybrid resins including epoxy-acrylates with newfound, synergistic properties.

Diallyl Bisphenol A

Diallyl Bisphenol A has the chemical formula C21H24Oand it is also called DBA or DABPA. This crosslinker is a viscous dark colored liquid that can sometimes crystallize at room temperature. It has a flashpoint greater than 200oC. This tetrafunctional crosslinker can be used for composites, and enhances the properties of thermosetting resins including epoxies and bismaleimides. It is used to improve heat resistance at high temperatures.

Crosslinkers at JAYHAWK

JAYHAWK specialize in the development and manufacture of chemical building blocks, including crosslinkers. Our products are used throughout agrochemical, polymer, electrical, and pharmaceutical applications.

Specifically, our crosslinkers can be used to develop matrix resins for printed circuit boards, and for creating advanced composite materials. If you would like any more information about products available from JAYHAWK, or are looking to source other novel crosslinkers, please contact us.